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Alayza Legal Consultants is a leading law firm based in Lima, Peru in 1997 by partners Carlos Alayza Bettocchi, Llontop Chávarri Carlos Javier Gallo and Cabrera Pamela Johanson Bettocchi order to complement expertise of each of its areas of expertise in order to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, thus covering each compartment of their business that require specialized legal solutions by providing a multidisciplinary team able to provide legal solutions at every level and in every area of the legal field.

The partners and associates of the firm have actively participated in the privatization of state-owned enterprises through their participation as members of committees of privatization and / or providing comprehensive legal services to companies and economic groups in various economic areas home and abroad, including operations such as transfers airlines, telecommunications, mining and oil companies in the sector, among others, which has enriched the global vision of our team.

Currently, the firm provides comprehensive and consistent to various companies in Peru and abroad who have been actively developing investments in Peru legal advice. Our firm provides special attention to the development of private investment, advising international clients in different shapes and investment strategies in Peru, with special mention in the hotel industry, construction, infrastructure, structures, production, services and others.

As such our firm participates actively in various international organizations that bring together the most important law firms worldwide such as the American Bar Association, International Bar Association and the International Business Law Consortium. In addition, our study can be easily located in the Martindale Hubbell International Publications International Law Directory.

Currently, our team is made up of fourteen attorneys graduated from top law schools in Peru and many with post graduate studies in the United States and Peru, are also involved in academic activities in the best schools laws of our country, both at undergraduate and graduate, which guarantees an upgrade and ongoing research in their field of work, equipment covers daily legal needs of customers originating in all South America, Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States.