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Areas of work:

  • Corporate law is a cornerstone of our firm. We provide advice at various stages of a company, from its inception choosing the best business form according to your needs , to its implementation in the Peruvian market , legally organizing every aspect of business: also actively involved in the daily development commercial activity , minimizing contingencies in making decisions , solving conflicts and planning appropriate enterprise Bonding with natural or legal persons. On the other hand participate in processes of corporate restructuring , such as mergers, as well as processes of buying assets and shareholdings.

    Additionally, our firm participates in the orderly exit from the market of corporate customers , participating in bankruptcy proceedings or settlements through the Corporations Act or the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property – Indecopi.

  • Our professionals are actively involved in the development of various loan agreements , loan documents , design and implementation of trusts and the preparation and dependability guarantees. Also, developing and managing due diligence of domestic and foreign operations.

  • Alayza Consultants provides advice related to individual and collective labor relations , planning and executing direct and indirect employment of domestic or foreign personnel participating in the design and implementation of labor policies that minimize potential liabilities to the Ministry of Labor and Judiciary labor audits also runs a working diagnosis that enable companies , is also involved in the strategies of individual or mass to generate the least impact on customers Termination benefits companies.

    Also our team is responsible for regularizing the immigration status of foreign employees working in our country in order that they can develop properly during their stay in the country.

  • Our firm through its dispute settlement area is responsible for preventing possible disputes of our clients, if any strategy designed to be implemented by participating in sponsorship before the judicial or arbitral body corresponding in civilian areas, commercial and other in order to provide solutions in line with the line of business they are always trying to give the shortest possible time and generating less economic impact for the client.

    It is a characteristic of our firm applying ethics and best practices throughout the process and working with the enhancement of the Peruvian judicial system.

  • The importance of the tax cost to our customers leads us to provide advice on various aspects of taxation of each of the businesses of our customers, so being our consulting firm in the preparation of planning

    Tax, support for audits, tax administrative procedures, preparation of due diligences and daily consultancy in developing the business of the clients regarding their taxes.

    The tributary area aims to implement measures to enable lower tax cost, prevent the imposition of fines, and resolve disputes with the tax authorities at the lowest possible cost and time.

  • Alayza Consultants provides legal support in matters relating to the protection of distinctive signs as an important asset of our clients, participating in the registry, trademark opposition and cancellation with the administrative and judicial always be the case giving the importance they assets worth in the current market dynamics. Our team also participates in defending the interests of our clients against allegations relating to consumer protection and the prevention of unfair competition, as complainants or alleged.

    We have also participated in proceedings relating to dumping and subsidies representing the interests of transnational corporations, all with the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property-Indecopi.

  • Foreign investment is a cornerstone of our firm because most of our clients come from South America, North America, Europe and Asia in different twists business, being well our firm provides the necessary information to potential investors interested in our country, then implement your business with a solid legal structure in different areas that allow them to develop properly in our market.

    This involves a multidisciplinary work involving the corporate, tax, labor and intellectual property areas, allowing cover the different areas of the business ensuring legal certainty of the operation.

  • Our study using the criminal law area is responsible for preventing the possible criminal liability may have customers at different levels in the framework of its operations, also exercise the patronage of proceedings before the judiciary to be the case, and we follow customized to the tax proceedings and investigations and police level to reduce or avoid the minimum contingencies that may arise.

    Our firm is sponsoring exception of cases relating to issues of corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

  • Alayza Consultants has a team dedicated to the pre legal collections management of debt portfolio, which is responsible for communication with debtors, arranging payment agreements or refinancing thereof, seeking effective recovery without reaching judicial level , derived from the case if the area Dispute those involved in the collection in court of unliquidated obligations, performance guarantees and any measure taken to recover the amounts owed.

  • Our firm since its inception clients include international hotel companies that are active in our country, there are still advocates equipment specifically designated to provide legal support to the hotel activities, always with the aim of executing operations with greater responsibility be translated in guest satisfaction in accordance with international standards applied in our country, the advice given in contractual matters, consumer protection, execution of real estate transactions and construction of hotel infrastructure, compliance with safety standards, etc., experience that allows us to advise on specific hotel industry.

  • Our professionals have developed an extensive practice in Hydrocarbon law, having represented clients in various negotiations with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, and Perupetro Petroperu. This has allowed a deep understanding of the product hydrocarbons legislation the legal management of concession contracts and / or license agreements with Perupetro.